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Screenprint Anatomy

They’re painting that screen red

and in the blue light

we can over-expose our hearts

through acetate with lines bright as black.

Lay there, get buried in ink,

I’ll just flood myself

right on the silk sounding like a scratch,

let it sweat through our bitmap faces

and hit that pulp like a fist.

In the claustrophobia of the sink

I’ll dilute the blood in your veins

and we can de-emulse ourselves

in that spray of toxic and chemicals

in a mist down the drain. 

- Notes

We’ll paint  our walls with water

so we can lay on sand all day,

and watch the waves

of the wallpaper flowers.

We’ll sculpt our hearts in paper

so we can feel them beat

in our chiseled hands,

and hear them laugh through our teeth.

We’ll swim in each other’s veins

but we can feel a leak in the bloodstream,

blooming roses on the ocean of our rooms,

and we are slowly losing breath. 

- Notes

In the Acadian afternoon

it might just be a dream

like Cleopatra on a canvas,

and like drips from a paintbrush,


on the wooden floor.

- Notes

Weeping fish

The weeping flying fish

tells the seagull,

"Stop laughing you make me nervous."

- Notes

Darling by Charles Bukowski

Darling by Charles Bukowski

- Notes

A few million tangos

He was diagnosed with cancer

and prescribed

one sexy salsa

and a few million tangos.

- Notes

elephant dumb

I’m sitting in the classroom

with a million of them

elephant dumb

in their plastic chairs. 

- Notes

Ink murder

There’s this young novelist,

in the dark getting strangled

by his typewriter ribbons.

- Notes

Flood of crazies

We sit around & we scare each other in front of a screen & we stay up for hours talkin’ about the extent of the universe & how I’m actually you & you’re actually me while we crayola around our rooms & think we’re Monet’s children. There’s those crazy girls & they’re laughing through life, we dream of painting films & writing all over Hollywood & we drink wine by the gallon in dark rooms while dancin’ under the covers with each other. We don’t wake up because we never sleep & we play Bob Dylan on a detuned guitar & half a harmonica. We take photographs & photographs & photographs of all of us wearing flowers & looking at the ceiling while listening to the Grateful Dead & we go swimming in pools of smoke full of alcohol in our brains. We’re still young & we know it, we wear denim like there’s no tomorrow & we sing louder & louder till’ people complain. There’s knocks on our doors at 2 a.m lookin’ for a cup of tea & an all night dancing jam & we open the door & the flood of crazies comes in & we uncork cork after cork after cork (gloo gloo gloo) & we start moving all over each other & stumbling to the beat of our lives.

- Notes

Up 3rd Avenue

We were walking

and it was raining.


The street was filled with people,

some walking fast

and some walking slow.


Somebody yelled, “Taxi”

and a taxi stopped.


Up 3rd avenue

there was a puddle on  the ground

and I threw my cigarette at it.


I missed.

- Notes

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