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Hemoglobin Heat

It’s like a fire that’s gotten into my blood,

Like a mute, howling wolf.


I hopped on that bus to get away,

But it’s burning and burning like a pain in my gut.


In the melting sky there’s this sun,

That just won’t fucking set on himself.


Feels like watching a clock (tik tok tik tok)

Going crazy crazy crazy, it’s passed midnight goddamn it.


There’s the sleep like a buzz in-out,

And alcohol in my heart angers my hemoglobin suffocating.


My eyes blinking and flooding blue on themselves,

Looking for a horizon in the sky.


There’s a few clouds (phew phew phew)

White so white they cool my flame.


One, two, three days to sober my muscles,

drunk with anger like whiskey in the heat.


Then the wind blows and I’m blind,

A light bright like a bare bulb in my sad retina.


Damn damn damn I’m sweating red

And I’m breathing carbon in my violent lungs.


I need the night to wake and shine black,

A night to rest and let my chest soften.

- Notes

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