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Flood of crazies

We sit around & we scare each other in front of a screen & we stay up for hours talkin’ about the extent of the universe & how I’m actually you & you’re actually me while we crayola around our rooms & think we’re Monet’s children. There’s those crazy girls & they’re laughing through life, we dream of painting films & writing all over Hollywood & we drink wine by the gallon in dark rooms while dancin’ under the covers with each other. We don’t wake up because we never sleep & we play Bob Dylan on a detuned guitar & half a harmonica. We take photographs & photographs & photographs of all of us wearing flowers & looking at the ceiling while listening to the Grateful Dead & we go swimming in pools of smoke full of alcohol in our brains. We’re still young & we know it, we wear denim like there’s no tomorrow & we sing louder & louder till’ people complain. There’s knocks on our doors at 2 a.m lookin’ for a cup of tea & an all night dancing jam & we open the door & the flood of crazies comes in & we uncork cork after cork after cork (gloo gloo gloo) & we start moving all over each other & stumbling to the beat of our lives.

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